Our mission is simple, provide medically based design technology to improve athletic performance, decrease recovery, increase fitness and change lives.


The prerequisite for development is innovation, and the prime mover for innovation is to always question the way we do things.

Our Ambition

The passion for sports performance and recovery is at the core of our business. Our primary motive is setting and achieving targets and moving beyond our limits in life, enabling people to achieve their highest goals in sports and improve their overall well-being.


To be the industry’s leading sports company, blending functional, dynamic, performance and therapeutic based products that inspire achievement and recovery.

Determined to Win

Competition to win is our motivator. Strong performance is our core value. The determination to win encourages a strong work ethic, in essence a drive to succeed and to give what it takes to overcome.


Success in competition requires the determination to win, team spirit, fair play and innovation. our shared values support and guide our athletes and operations and partners around the world.

Team Spirit

We have assembled a team consisting of the foremost experts across every therapeutic discipline to innovate, improve, and perfect the way rehabilitation, fitness, and health is perceived and practiced in our daily lives.

Our Playing Field

We are dedicated to active lifestyles, sports and wellness. Simply put we are dedicated to you.