Kinesiology Tape

Kinetic Pro Tape

5 Meter: $13.95
35 Meter: $84.00
6 Pack: $83.70

Original Cotton Tape

5 Meter: $11.99
35 Meter: $69.99
6 Pack: $71.94

Pediatric Tape

5 Meter: $12.99
6 Pack: $77.94

Specialty Tape

Precut Back Straps: $90
Precut Fluid Flow Lymph Strips: $50

The Best Kinesiology Tape

PerformTex™ Kinesiology TAPE

We had one goal when we started PerformTex™ to create the best kinesiology tape at the most obtainable price on the market. With each passing year, the number of people looking to buy kinesiology tape steadily grows. While our tape sales increased in the sports and medical markets over the past few years, we realized that kinesiology tape is not a “one size fits all” product by any stretch (pun intended). Now, PerformTex™ delivers on that promise with three unique tape products for sale: our general use Original Cotton, Pediatric-specific “MonkeyTape”, and our high-performance Kinetic Pro.

Medical Kinesiology Tape

What’s our secret? It’s all about grip and moving the skin over the muscle below. Performtex deploys a twin-groove adhesive pattern facilitates improved fluid flow to the fascia and musculature when the tape is properly applied. These grooves create a multitude of small “pressure diamonds” that powerfully grasp the skin, encouraging deeper fascial penetration for quicker rehab or better sports performance. This pattern is so unique and effective that we even patented it! No other tape has this high-tech design. Plus, the adhesive on our Cotton and Pro lines has been re-engineered for a more tenacious, long-lasting hold time.

PerformTex™ tapes combine this unique adhesive system with an elastic, natural cotton fabric in our Original Cotton and Pediatric Monkey lines. Our best performing tape, the new Kinetic Pro, is designed for sale to the sports medicine market. This innovative semi-synthetic fabric on our Kinetic Pro offers the best wicking capability in its class. Its fabric recoil is more powerful than traditional cotton for enhanced kinesiologic effect. Our Pediatric Monkey Tape has gentler adhesive bond for an easier release, yet it’s aggressive enough for the wear and tear of those delicate little souls who will be “rocking” the tape.

Sports Kinesiology Tape

Whether in the sports field or medical market, expect best-in-class adhesive quality with a price to match.

Great for knee, back, shoulder, and elbow pain, shin splints, carpal tunnel, plantar issues, ankle and neck support. Bottom line is – you name the condition, chances are there’s a kinesiology tape application that helps. Individuals, athletic trainers, and medical professionals are encouraged to view our online application videos to learn more.

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With PerformTex™ kinesiology tape, get the quality, performance and increased therapeutic results you’ve long come to expect, at a savings that can add up to hundreds or even thousands over the course of a year when compared to the “name brands”.
 Physical therapy and chiropractic clinics can buy PerformTex™ tape products with the confidence that their application will last longer than they even need it to. It can also be a nice profit center for in-office sales to your clients needing to buy tape for home use.

PerformTex™ Kinesiology Tape Functions

  • Provide support to joints and muscles
  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Accelerate recovery and healing
  • Extend the therapeutic benefit of clinicians work
  • Prevent overuse and overcontraction of working muscles
  • Delay fatigue and improve endurance